Concern Trolling, Calling Out, and Compassion

Dances With Fat

Concerned puppy is very concernedFat people are often subjected to concern trolling.  To me concern trolling is when someone couches their opposition to your ideology and/or their oppressive behavior in concern.

Dealing with concern trolling can be complicated, especially since people have a tendency to insist that we accept this kind of behavior graciously (that’s one of the things that makes the tactic popular.  People can be inappropriate and then shrug and say “What? I was just expressing concern, why are you being so mean to me?” Charming, no?) The truth is that each person who gets concern trolled gets to choose how to deal with it.  I’ve recently had a run-in with a concern troll that made me think a lot about this, and gave me a surprising reminder about compassion along the way.

I’m currently training for an IROMAN triathlon.  (I have a separate blog for that so that I can yammer…

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